For the 2010/11 season,

Many thanks to Our team's Partners and Allies:

we will be known as South Oldham in the
Kentucky High School Hockey League

2010/11 Roster:

17-Anton Afanasyev-A   15-Christian Magoulis (JV)  
6-William Benefiel   2-Michael Maupin  
66-Conor Byrne   88-Nick Medley (JV)  
30-Nick Ford   81-Austin Myers  
13-Nick Fowler-A   3-Reese Milburn  
73-Mike George   12-Tristan Mix  
22-Jack Gifford   27-Michael Morley (JV)  
15-Stephen Gregory   7-Caleb Perry  
2-Dalton Hardison (JV)   16-Jack Scott  
66-Kevin Hennessey (JV)   5-Chad Szczublewski  
8-Kyle Juettner   18-Jordan Timbrook-C  
27-Ben Lau-A   ---Jake Walters (JV)  
16-Sam Lau (JV)   9-Jason Watts  
13-Curtis Macht (JV)   1-Joe Zeiser  
44-Ryan Macht